Toyota Body Kits

Is Your LandCruiser Ready For Anything?

Toyota LandCruisers are somewhat of an Australian icon. Although still made in and imported from Japan, the Landcruiser has since been developed to tackle Australia’s harshest terrains. With everything from Toyota weather shields to rear spoilers, the vehicle enthusiasts at Autoforce can help get your Landcruiser ready for anything.


3 Must-Haves For Your LandCruiser

If there is one thing we know about here at Autoforce, it’s cars. We’re proud to offer premium accessories and aero parts for all series LandCruisers, including both 2WD and 4WD. Check out our top three must-haves to enhance your LandCruiser:

  1. Toyota LandCruiser Weather Shields.
    Australia’s climate is often unpredictable, but with our Toyota Weather Shields, you can deflect its wind and rain with ease. Enjoy the fresh air while you bush-bash through the Old Telegraph Track, or smell the ocean as you cruise along the sands of Straddie. Wherever you go, and whatever you do, Toyota weather shields will protect you from the elements. 

  2. Toyota Rear Roof Spoilers.
    Get better grip when travelling along barren or bumpy terrain. This LandCruiser essential causes a build-up of air pressure, forcing your vehicle down and keeping its tyres firm on the road or dirt or sand. You know, wherever you’re travelling.

  3. Bonnet Protectors.
    Absolutely essential, this LandCruiser must-have helps to protect your windshield and bonnet from chips, cracks, bugs, scratches, and road debris. If you’re 4WDing anywhere (if you have a LandCruiser, we’re going to assume you are), a bonnet protector is a worthwhile investment, preventing any costly repairs to your pride and joy.


How To Choose The Right Mods For Your LandCruiser

Here at Autoforce, we can help find the right mods for LandCruisers of any series, 2WD or 4WD. Below are some things you should take into consideration when looking to modify your offroad beauty.

  • Consider series. A fairly obvious suggestion, when looking to modify your LandCruiser, make sure you consider its series. Some parts are suitable for various series’ while others are not. Be sure to check the part’s specs before purchase. 
  • Intention. Are you a beach goer or more of a puddle cruiser? Do you use your LandCruiser for both on and offroad, or are you strictly a track-rat? What about towing others out of bogs? Determining exactly how you intend to use your LandCruiser will help you choose suitable mods that match your circumstances.
  • Flair or functionality? Do you want to drive the hottest ride around, or are you all about a vehicle’s functionality? Maybe you’re both. Some mods are more attractive than others, and figuring out your aesthetic can help narrow down your options.
  • Ideal offroad conditions. When driving offroad, consider your ideal scenario. It might include water, and it might not. It might look like steep hills or muddy tracks. Whatever your ideal driving conditions, modify your LandCruiser There’s nothing worse than being unprepared and ill-equipped.
  • Will the mod impact the vehicle? A mod’s purpose is to enhance the vehicle. Some mods, however, are more suited to some LandCruisers than others. Do your research and ask if the mod you’re looking at can cause any issues or long-term damage.


If You’re After Toyota Body Kits And Other Landcruiser Mods, Head To Autoforce

At Autoforce, cars are our number one passion. Our Australian-owned company began in 1998, importing Japanese race and drift vehicles into Australia. Autoforce has since evolved, and we now develop and source premium-quality aftermarket aero parts and accessories for a range of makes and models. From fibreglass bumpers and weather shields to roof spoilers and bonnet protectors, we’ve got everything you need to modify and transform your car. The friendly Autoforce team are always happy to have a chat and answer any questions, so if you’re looking for Toyota weather shields and spoilers, head to Autoforce today.