Ford Falcon Body Kits

3 Must-Have Ford Falcon Mods

Whether you’ve just got your hands on a Ford Falcon or you’ve had one for a while, you might be wondering where to start with modifying and tuning it. When it comes to the Falcon, the possibilities are almost endless, and once you start working on it, it can be hard to stop! However, if you’re looking for a few easy places to begin your modification journey, the team at Autoforce has a few recommendations. We’ve got Ford Falcon body kits, weather shields, and spoilers to get you well on your way.

A Body Kit

One of the best things about Ford body kits is that you can shop around to find the right kit for your tastes and car. So whether you want to splurge on a full-body kit or you’re just in the market for a lip kit or bumper kit, you have complete control over what you do to your car, which materials you use, and how much you spend. If you don’t have much experience with car modifications, we suggest getting in touch with a trusted bodyworks shop or mechanic to help you fit out your Falcon.


Weather Shields

There are three major advantages to installing premium-quality Ford weather shields on your Falcon.

  • Enjoy having your windows down. Weather shields do exactly as they say; they shield you from the weather outside while allowing the fresh breeze to pass through the car. You and your passengers will be nice and dry even in the harshest weather.
  • No more driver’s tan. If you spend every weekend behind the wheel of your Falcon, you probably have that telling driver’s tan down your right arm. Weather shields provide UV protection even while the windows are down, so you won’t have to worry about an uneven burn again.
  • Distribute wind. Cracking a window on the highway is difficult with an unprotected pane, but weather shields reduce the harshness of the wind’s impact. They provide a diffusive surface that distributes the effect of the wind, so you can drive far more easily.



If you’ve been looking for Ford Falcon rear spoilers for a while, you definitely won’t be alone. Not only do they look incredible and give your Falcon a sporty feel, but Ford rear spoilers also improve the performance of your car by generating downforce. As a result, you’ll be able to drive at high speeds and corner smoothly as your tyres grip the road with ease.


Looking For Ford Falcon Body Kits? Autoforce Have You Covered

At Autoforce, cars are our number one passion. Our Australian-owned company began in 1998, importing Japanese race and drift vehicles into Australia. Autoforce has since evolved, and we now develop and source premium-quality aftermarket aero parts and accessories for a range of makes and models. From fibreglass bumpers and weather shields to roof spoilers and bonnet protectors, we’ve got everything you need to modify and transform your car. The friendly Autoforce team are always happy to have a chat and answer any questions, so if you’re looking for Ford Falcon body kits to transform your base model, head to Autoforce today.